Family Services

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They work at stopping adult abuse and neglect.

Primary Contact Name: Lindsay Jardine 
Primary Contact Title: The regional mentor
Primary Phone Number: 250-265-1349

Networks is a referral based community outreach of Bethel Pentecostal Church focusing on families and individuals that struggle with Food Security and meeting their basic needs. Services include Food Bank (with a focus on healthy food options), a Free Store, Free Furniture Program, Good Food Box Program, and support (both one-on-one and in groups sessions). There is a wide variety of volunteering opportunities and new recruits are always welcome.

Service providers should contact the program director prior to making their first referral. This will help service providers understand the program objectives and who is appropriate for referral. In the case that a referral is not available, those wishing to take advantage of Networks Ministries can be screened by volunteers directly (documentation will be required to prove genuine need).

Primary Contact Name: Jacqueline Janssen
Primary Phone Number: 250-782-5885